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Please review our procedures for visitors

Our Materials Oasis is open for limited appointments. We cannot accept drop-in visitors.


  • EcoSet staff and employees are required to practice frequent hand washing and physical distancing.

  • All “high-touch” areas in the Materials Oasis are cleaned continuously and thoroughly using disinfectants and methods known to kill coronaviruses based on CDC and OSHA guidance.

  • Hot water and soap will be available in our restrooms during your scheduled appointment.

  • Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are positioned throughout our building.

  • EcoSet’s Materials Oasis has 6 loading doors which will be kept open for air circulation

  • EcoSet staff are required to stay at home if they show any signs or symptoms of illness.


  • Please bring your own reusable face mask or covering. We do not encourage single-use disposable masks.

  • Gloves are optional, but HIGHLY encouraged. Please bring your own clean work gloves for loading materials.



  • All employees and visitors are required to wear face masks or other approved coverings while in the Materials Oasis.

  • All guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering our building.  

  • Guests may be asked to have their temperature checked upon arrival with a “non-touch” electronic thermometer. 

  • We will be limiting the amount of visitors in the Materials Oasis at a given time. No more than one group allowed at a time, and no more than 4 people per group at a given time. Visitors are required to practice physical distancing while on EcoSet’s premises.

  • Visitors showing signs or symptoms of illness will not be allowed inside the Materials Oasis.

  • By entering our premises at your own risk, you agree to release EcoSet of all liability.


Please review our procedures for space rentals

In addition to our above precautions and protocols, we request the following of our rental clients.


  • We recommend that crews are limited to 4 people per 800 sq ft of workspace

  • All crew members are required to wear masks and adhere to physical distancing while working in our building

  • We request that crews do not browse our Materials Oasis when there are scheduled appointments in process (generally Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). Check in with our Reuse Coordinator to allow access, as we are scheduling staggered appointments for our visitors' safety.

EcoSet's mobile hands free sinks and touch free hand sanitizer dispenser/stand are available for daily or weekly rental

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