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Partnering for a better-behind-the-scenes

EcoSet has multiple ways to support Target productions in Los Angeles. Engage our team for full-service waste management on set, or for any scope of work to support the sustainability process. We will track all waste diversion and donation data as part of our annual partnership tracking for Target projects.

Waste reduction and diversion strategies for an entire shoot, striving for 90% or greater diversion from landfill.

Receive deliveries, inventory products or samples, manage product storage and consolidation for projects.

Coordinate reuse solutions for set dressing, props, scenic elements and any creative discards or expendables.

On-Demand Labor & Logistics

Hourly or daily non-union labor and trucking support during any phase of production.

Remote Donation Coordination

Hourly or project based research and remote coordination for reusable creative materials, released assets or donations.

Product Transportation

Local product transportation options for shoots (box truck, cargo van). Product shipping facilitation for other markets.

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