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Sustainable production partnership since 2009

Thank you for your collaboration to minimize the environmental impact of Target productions. We're striving for Zero Waste, which is measured as 90% or greater diversion from landfill. All reusable materials are recirculated back into the community.

Sustainability Guidelines

and Cost Breakout

Please review the Target Sustainability Guide to learn which costs EcoSet bills directly to Target, and which costs stay on the production budget.



Connect us to the Line Producer or Production Supervisor once a job awards.

Submit our Project Info Form to activate our services and share info about the production plan.


EcoSet's coordination team will communicate with the production team and department heads for all production plan specifics. An EcoSet rep attends the tech scout as a self report.


EcoSet is fully engaged for pre-lights and strikes for maximum materials diversion and reuse strategy for creative impacts. Include our team on the Call Sheet and in the head counts for meals and walkies.

Scenic builds and large scopes require additional communications and design files.


View and request Target assets online.

Browse scenic, set dressing, store elements, signage and other resources available for use on Target projects.

Email our team about Target projects:

Schedule a start up meeting with us:

Avoiding single-use plastic


EcoSet facilitates solutions that avoid plastic waste.


See our program in action

Target Logo_Transparent.png


EcoSet partners with the Better Food Foundation to pilot a low carbon approach to meal service. A DefaultVeg menu features plant-based meals as the default, while still giving diners the choice to add or opt into animal products upon request.

EcoSet Recommended Caterers

Locally Grown  /  Humble Pie 

GSC Studio Catering  /  Kitchen Mouse

EcoSet Recommended Craft Service

Eat Heathy Crafty  /  Craft E Co. (

Chiara Vittoria -

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