Do better than a dumpster

EcoSet ReDirect is a fee-based service that is an alternative to dumpsters and landfills. With advance planning and budgeting for responsible disposal, your production or event can achieve a better behind-the-scenes. Items are recirculated to artists, filmmakers, students, theaters and others at no cost to the recipient through EcoSet's Materials Oasis.

Reusable Discards

Art and craft materials, lighting expendables, layout board, location protection, shipping and packing materials, rope, fasteners, hardware, foam, foam board, acrylic, PVC, vinyl, seamless paper, surfaces, textiles, scrap fabric and more

Sets and Scenic

Set walls, platforms, custom fabrications, stairs, flooring, steel, lumber, sheet goods, wood scraps

Set Dressing

Set dressing, decor, furniture, carpet, props, signage, back drops

Try our flat rate cargo van pick up service

Fill our Sprinter van with any used materials for $575.