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Do better than a dumpster

EcoSet ReDirect is a fee-based service that is an alternative to dumpsters and landfills. With advance planning and budgeting for responsible disposal, your production or event can achieve a better behind-the-scenes. Items are recirculated to artists, filmmakers, students, theaters and others at no cost to the recipient through EcoSet's Materials Oasis.

Scraps and Reusable Discards

Art and craft materials, lighting expendables, layout board, location protection, packing materials, rope, fasteners, hardware, carving foam, display board, acrylic, PVC, vinyl, seamless paper, surfaces, textiles, scrap fabric and more

Hard to Recycle Items

Paint, packaging foam, plastic bags and film plastics, composite materials

Ask us about any other types of materials!

Scenic Materials

Flats, jacks, columns, windows, doors, custom scenic elements, backdrops, staging, platforms, flooring, sub-flooring, linoleum, carpet, stairs, cabinets, fireplaces, lumber, sheet goods, scrap wood, metal and all other fabrications and construction materials

Set Dressing and Props

Furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures, lamps, home goods, glassware, decor, artwork, shelving, signage, fake greens, props and smalls, books, toys, games, sporting goods, luggage, office supplies and all other reusable props or set dressing materials


Flat rate cargo van pick up service

Fill our Sprinter van with any used materials for $575.



Last stop Art Department drop off

Drop off any remaining reusable materials from your Art Department or Set Dec truck on a wrap day.

  • All pick up services have a 4 hour loading limit on site
  • Pickup window is Monday - Friday / 7am - 6pm
  • Weekend or after hours surcharge starts at $150
  • Hourly labor rate after 4 hours is $50/hour per person
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