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Zero Waste Shoots

Striving for 90% or greater diversion from landfill or incineration


Our approach to Zero Waste is four-fold and can be translated to any scale of live action or print production.

1) Waste prevention: Techniques to avoid disposability in all departments
2) Waste management and diversion with metrics tracking: Recycling, composting and food donation
3) Strategizing reuse:

  • avoiding disposal, planning for disassembly and donation of constructed elements

  • collecting salvageable creative materials, decor, and expendables for reuse

4) Prioritizing donation: Merchandise and other items with a Fair Market Value are given to local non-profits, schools or other 501 (c)3 groups

BIDDING NOTES: see bidding link above
  • COVID testing costs are not included in EcoSet pricing
  • Production includes EcoSet in meal head count and walkie count
  • Costs to divert large volumes of set dressing or creative materials can be estimated separately via EcoSet ReDirect services
  • Minimum 48 hour confirmation required for bookings. $300 expedited prep surcharge for less than 48 hour confirmation
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours incurs a $500 cancellation fee plus 12-hour guaranteed wages, Covid testing stipends and fringes for all cancelled Eco Crew

Fast auto estimates!

Our estimate request form automatically generates a sample estimate for Los Angeles projects based on bidding variables.

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