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Los Angeles Basic Services and Rates for Commercial Shoots

Review our services and rates document or request an estimate for an upcoming commercial shoot. Rates are for basic location shoots. Costs for scenic or set dressing diversion can be estimated separately through our ReDirect service.

Costs Covered in Production Budget

Canned water:  Twist top refillable or flip top aluminum canned spring water. See EcoSet's water options below.

Water dispensers and 5-gallon water jugs:  When permissible for use with personal water bottles

Compostable or plant-based food service products:  Estimate $1.50 - $2.00/person/day (if not provided by Catering and Craft Service)

Walkies and meals for EcoSet Crew:  include 1 - 3 people in head count (based on crew size and location moves)

Bidding Notes:  estimate the above costs based on shoot days, headcount and production supply vendor pricing.

Costs Covered in EcoSet Budget

Waste hauling:  scheduling and service costs for vendor that provides recycling, compost and landfill services for productions

EcoSet coordination:  prep and wrap days, rep on Tech Scout, waste scheduling with hauler, equipment prep/wrap

EcoSet crew labor on set:  includes hourly wages up to 12 hours, payroll costs, worker's comp (OT billable after 12)

EcoSet vehicle:  cargo van, insurance, fuel

Waste bins and liners:  3-bin system includes 12 - 20 stations positioned around set (recycling, compost, landfill)

Reusable discards:  managing reusable materials that fit in our cargo van each night

Booking & Cancellation Requirements

  • Minimum 48 hour confirmation required for bookings. $500 expedited prep surcharge for less than 48 hour confirmation.

  • Cancellation of EcoSet services with less than 24 hours notice incurs a $500 cancellation fee plus 12-hour guaranteed wages and fringes owed to Eco Crew that received less than 24 hours notice of cancellation

  • Overdue invoices incur late fees after 30 days past due

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