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Thank you for your collaboration to minimize the environmental impact of the production processs. We're striving for Zero Waste, which is measured as 90% or greater diversion from landfill. All reusable materials will be recirculated back into the community through our reuse center, The Materials Oasis.

Please review all files for reference during production

EcoSet Production Supervisor - Niklas Li:

EcoSet  /  3019 Andrita Street 90065  /  323.669.0232

Project Integration and Timeline:

1.) Put EcoSet services on hold as a project is bidding. Share concepts and production calendar.

2.) Connect us to the Line Producer or Production Supervisor once a job awards.

3.) EcoSet Coordinator communicates with the production team and department heads for all production plan specifics.


4.) EcoSet attends the tech scout. Please share tech scout info and PPM book.

5.) Scenic builds and large creative scopes require additional communications and design files. Costs for scenic and large waste impacts are estimated separately through our ReDirect diversion services for reusable materials.

EcoSet Recommended Caterers

Sustainable Caterers for commercial productions:

Truck:  Locally Grown  /  Humble Pie 

GSC Studio Catering

Drop Off:  Jennie Cooks  /  Kitchen Mouse

EcoSet Recommended Craft Service


Sustainable Craft Service for commercial productions:

Eat Heathy Crafty  /  Craft E Co. (


Chiara Galdinez -

Booking & Cancellation Requirements

  • Minimum 48 hour confirmation required for bookings. $500 expedited prep surcharge for less than 48 hour confirmation.

  • Cancellation of EcoSet services with less than 24 hours notice incurs a $500 cancellation fee plus 12-hour guaranteed wages, Covid testing stipends and fringes for all cancelled Eco Crew

  • Overdue invoices incur late fees after 30 days past due

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